DAV Public School Power Grid Bihar Sharif

Affiliated to the Central Board Of Secondry Education New Delhi upto +2 Level

Principal Message For Parents  
Dear Parents, 
Very often people ask me how do I handle adolescent teenagers as the juvenile delinquency has become an alarming threat to peaceful social life. Every now and then TV channels or print media exhibit such incidents shaking the norrns of society, questioning the integrity of social fabric and making us feel the tremors of moral earthquake.For the unrest, the rudeness, the indisciplined behaviour by kids I see two reasons. Firstly, absence of the feelings towards respect for relationships mainly caused by the growing trend of nuclear family that leads to non-availability of the so-called other members such as chacha-chachi, taau-taai, Fufa-Fufi, Dada- Dadi etc. and removes the most important ingredients of the joint family resulting into no-respect for such relations. This also leads to the absence of cushions provided by the members of joint family against social evils at one hand and on the other hand the poor parents of the nuclear family have no time to be vigilant due to their demanding job and other engagements. Secondly, kids have begun enjoying unbridled freedom in the absence of parents, grandparents or the so called cushions. Consequently the children have screen of computer, mobile, TV have less ph5,sical activities and the world at an early age.The very social and emotional bond or rapport is missing because of this. You just need to spare a few precious moments for your lovely little kids, especially the growing teenagers. They will learn family values, if you provide them the umbrella of your precious time and emotional touch.
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